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Keisuke Hashimoto

Industry Analyst, Japan(Conferencing & UC)
(Conferencing News & Analysis, Report on Japan market)

Funabashi, Chiba Japan(near Tokyo)

Keisuke Hashimoto has been a conferencing expert in Japan since 1997 and is now
working as self-employed at his home office just out of Tokyo central area. He specializes in Japan conferencing market.

He provides consulting services to conferencing companies in Japan for their new product offering strategy, market trend analysis, etc , the same to end users for their training. Also, he works with research firms in Tokyo to deliver conferencing market reports and end user

His newsletter has been published since 1999 and widely read and recognized by the conferencing industry people and end users alike. His area of focus is on Japan.

Talking about his background, his first encounter with conferencing goes back to 1992 when he first used audio conferencing and video conferencing at his then employer NTT. After the first encounter, he moved to a different section at NTT to be involved in marketing section focused on conferencing products and services (NTT/PictureTel joint venture). He was a core member of launching NTT’s first CSP bureau (NTT Phoenix, now NTT BizLink) in 1997. He left the company in 2001 after 9 year tenure there to become a full-time self-employed. So the time between 1997 and 2001 is when he was "wearing two hats", one for NTT and another for conferencing. For him, conferencing has been a labor of love.

As for academic experience, he graduated from two collages, one from Tokyo International University and another from US Willamette University respectively. Political science major at both collages. Added to that, while being enrolled in Willamette Univeristy, he attended Washington Semester Program (organized by the American University) and interned at the embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C (when the Gulf War was taking place).

He also has an one year stay experience in Australia(1985) when he was a senior high student as AFS exchange student. He is married, and he and his wife has a daughter. He was born in Tokyo in 1967. He can be reached at

He loves movies particularly "Akira Kurosawa", and musicals like "Les Miserables", and "Phantom of the Opera." He hold an amateur radio license.


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